50 Years of Heat Treatment Expertise

J.J. Castings specialises in the heat treatment of metal components, offering a broad range of processes making us one of the top facilities available in the U.K.

With more more than 50 years specialist heat treatment experience, we offer a wide range of industry standard services including  Induction Hardening, Plasma Nitriding, Stress Relieving, and PVD coatings.

With many years in the business behind us, we are able to offer advice about virtually all kinds of heat treatment on large or small metal parts to give a range of benefits -

  • Minimise friction
  • Reduce wear-rates
  • Improve fatigue limits
  • Increase strength and durability

We pride ourselves on the highest standards of customer service and have facilities to start your jobs quickly and scale-up volumes as needed.

Please contact us for more information or for us to quote on your heat treatment requirements.